Where Can I Get Paper Shredded in Nova Scotia?

The answer is anywhere and everywhere! From Yarmouth to Sydney, Nova Scotia and everything in between, our mobile paper shredder will come to you for any paper shredding needs you may have in Nova Scotia.

Whether you’re cleaning out the home office or looking for an effective shredding solution for your business, Scotia Security Shredding offers mobile shredding and document destruction regardless of where you are located or how much paper you have.

Depending on your personal or businesses shredding needs, we offer both on-going shredding services and one-off shredding services to protect your sensitive personal or business documents. We can even build a custom shredding solution for your unique needs! View all our shredding services.


What if I have a lot of documents that continuously need shredding?

There are tons of confidential documents created, printed, and distributed by institutions, small businesses, and individuals every day. This creates a perpetual risk of losing or mishandling sensitive information that should have been properly disposed of and destroyed. At Scotia Security Shredding, we’ll custom-design a document security plan that will capture all of your sensitive documents at your convenience and determine what frequency of shredding is required for your business or company – monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly.

With our Ongoing Shredding Service, we’ll provide you with a free and lockable storage container to hold your sensitive documents until we arrive to properly destroy and recycle your documents.

Did you know that your companies’ paper shredding needs and recycling needs can be provided by a single vendor – saving you time and money? Learn more about bundling your office shredding and recycling.

After we arrive and complete the shredding process, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction to keep as evidence that you or your company has a privacy compliant program in place for all of your sensitive information.

What if I have a bunch of documents and don’t need ongoing shredding?

Do you work from home and have limited space to work with? Maybe you’re relocating and need to get rid of all of those bankers’ boxes filled with old tax forms. No matter the situation, our mobile shredding service allows you to securely dispose of your unwanted documents and records at a place and time that’s convenient for you. There is no job too big or too small for our quick and easy One-Time Purge shredding service!

Another great option for properly disposing your sensitive documents is our municipal sponsored shred events. Throughout Nova Scotia, these community paper shredding events were created to help shred and recycle their personal documents – for free! Please contact us to find out when and where our next shredding event will take place.


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